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Price In Cart Only/MAPP
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3

This addon allows you to show the price of any product only after it has been added to the cart. This satisfies some manufacturers "Minimum Advertised Price Policies" (MAPP).
You can select this option for any product when you first add the product to your store, or you can edit any existing product and select this option at any time.
When selected, the product price is replaces with text and a link to an explanatory popup. You can change any of this text at any time.
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Price In Cart Only/MAPP 1.0.3 kymation 16 May 2013  

This release adds 3 missing files and fixes the stylesheet.css. Upgrade instructions are in the User's Manual.

This is a complete package.

Price In Cart Only/MAPP 1.0.2 kymation 15 May 2013  
Price In Cart Only/MAPP kymation 9 May 2013