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SQL upgrades from 2.2MS to 2.3.3
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3

This package lists and summarizes all the SQL changes from version 2.2MS2 to 2.3.3 including some missing SQL statements that were missing in the official upgrade instructions.

This allows an easy way to port and existing 2.2MS2 database to a stock OSCommerce version 2.3.3 with all customers data intact.

The file also lists all the SQL updates by version. So if you are upgrading from 2.2RC1 to 2.3.3, just ignore and delete all the earlier SQL listed earlier than 2.2RC1

Please see for more information regarding the upgrade.

Limitations: There is a need to create a new admin user data.

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RC2 indices corrected JohnAtYM 15 Mar 2015  

index for zones and for zones_to_geo_zones on zone_country id corrected in SQL for MS2.2 RC2

Now 2.3.4 billynair 31 Oct 2014  
SQL upgrades from 2.2MS to 2.3.3 TheJackal 25 Mar 2013