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Minimum Order to Checkout 2.3.1
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3

by johnlee1026 / 4 Mar 2013

This is minimum amount require to check out.

Should be work with 2.3.1 or above.

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Minimum Order to Checkout 2.3.1 bug 0dd8a11 27 Jul 2016  

Every single version of this add-on to date does not work*.

* 4 March 2013
5 May 2013
20 Jun 2015

The reason being is it only activated AFTER checkout by editing

checkout_process.php so most Payment methods will have collected the

money then diver customer to checkout_process.php which displays the

message "The minimum order to shipping is..." and stops the order being

recorded even though the payment module has taken payment.

If you must use this add-on, then a way around this would be to repeat

what you have done to checkout_process.php to the following files as well:

checkout_shipping.php - the first page you hit when attempting checkout
checkout_payment.php - the second page you hit when attempting checkout

This will prevent the user reaching the payment module, giving the minimum order value BEFORE payment is taken.

Minimum Order to Checkout 2.3.1 mortackle 20 Jun 2015  
missing sql file wHiTeHaT 5 May 2013  
Minimum order to check out 2.3.1_1 johnlee1026 4 Mar 2013  
Minimum Order to Checkout 2.3.1 johnlee1026 4 Mar 2013