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HelpDesk For osCommerce
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

A helpdesk add-on for osCommerce that has the capability to keep track of communication via emails.

The thread of communication is stored in the database where a ticket number is assigned to a thread.

It is possible to create template responses which can be used when replying to a ticket entry.

Departments are setup to handle different areas of communication (help, sales, information, etc).

[This is a separate work to other helpdesk feature contributions currently available]

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Small fixes for HelpDesk + POP3 Combined shock 11 Dec 2005  

Some small changes to lane's version from 26. Aug 2005. This works with my MS2 installation.

osc_mail2db.php: replaced "osC:" with DEFAULT_HELPDESK_TICKET_PREFIX in ereg

admin/helpdesk.php: replaced tep_array_merge() with array_merge()

admin/includes/boxes/helpdesk.php: fixed menu link

HelpDesk + POP3 Combined lane 26 Aug 2005  
Fix for POP mail servers Mike Chu 7 Dec 2004  
Helpdesk - Pop3 addon Mario Hebert 29 Apr 2004  
contact_us.php file Ed Stout 6 Jan 2003  
Update to osc_mail2db.php script Harald Ponce de Leon 5 Jan 2003  
Updated osc_mail2db.php script Harald Ponce de Leon 5 Jan 2003  
HelpDesk For osCommerce Harald Ponce de Leon 3 Jan 2003