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Encrypted Credit Card with CVV2
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3

This contribution is designed for those stores who plan to manually process credit cards rather than having a payment processor automatically charge the credit card when the order is submitted. Credit card numbers and the CVV2 (if used) are encrypted before being stored in the database and provision is made to automatically erase the CVV2 as required by credit card industry rules and all but the first digit and the last four digits of the card number once the order status is changed to one that indicates no further processing will be done, typically something like Delivered or Shipped. Card information can also be erased manually during any order status change. Basically this is just a combination of three different credit card related contributions that has been updated with install instructions and other adjustments for osCommerce 2.3.3.

Note: The bug with the older credit card modules where names containing apostrophes such as O'Brien ended up containing a bunch of slashes when viewed in admin has been fixed.

WARNING: Use of this code on your website will likely be a violation of the rules regarding handling credit card information!

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Encrypted Credit Card with CVV2 26 Apr 2015  

The credit card module has been updated to give the customer a possible card hint if the credit card type is not recognized. A suggested cause for the error will be given as long as the card number entered begins with a 3, 4, 5 or 6. The module also has added its own configuration variables for checking the the length of the name on the card and the card number just in case they get removed from the osCommerce install since osCommerce no longer includes a credit card payment module like this one. The module configuration variable keys have been updated to reflect the actual name of the module.

The credit card box module has been updated to enable caching of the box information and thereby reduce database access if caching is enabled in admin - configuration - cache.

Instructions have been added for an agree to terms of sale box on the checkout confirmation page.

Three defunct card types have been removed from the instructions SQL and their images deleted from the contribution. Updated images are provided for Visa, MasterCard and JCB. The card pattern definitions have also been updated with current information.

The entire contribution is enclosed. New installs should use the latest version of this contribution to be sure everything works correctly.

If you have an older version of this module and wish to upgrade you should proceed as follows:

1) Go into admin - modules -payment and REMOVE the credit card module. The configuration key names have been changed in this version so you need to get rid of the old ones by removing the older module before replacing it with this one.

2) Replace the following changed PHP files:

3) Install instructions 22 and 24 have been updated with the new module configuration key names. Find where you have the original MODULE_PAYMENT_CC_ names in these two files and change them to the new MODULE_PAYMENT_CREDIT_CARD_ names as noted in these two instructions.

4) If you want to add the agree to terms feature then follow install instructions 25 and onward which are new to this version of the contribution.

5) Go to admin - modules - payment and reinstall the credit card module.

6) The card patterns for Discover, Diners Club, JCB and Maestro have been updated. If your store accepts any of these cards you should go to admin -configuration - credit cards and edit these cards. Replace the existing patterns with the updated ones from this version of the install instructions. You can also delete the Laser, Switch and Solo cards originally included with this contribution as these cards are all now defunct.

Encrypted Credit Card with CVV2 27 Aug 2014  
Encrypted Credit Card with CVV2 22 Aug 2014  
Encrypted Credit Card with CVV2 21 Aug 2014  
Encrypted Credit Card with CVV2 21 Aug 2014  
Encrypted Credit Card with CVV2 17 Aug 2014  
Encrypted Credit Card with CVV2 25 Apr 2014  
Encrypted Credit Card with CVV2 10 Oct 2012