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Enhanced Categories Box
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3

This is an osCommerce 2.3.x rewrite of the original RC2 version of the enhanced categories box. The primary differences between this and the osCommerce version version are as follows:

1) The current category is highlighted in red so it is easy to spot.

2) Direct links are added to the specials and newest products lists to make them easy to get to.

3) A dropdown list of all categories is included to make it easy to go to any category without requiring multiple mouse clicks.

4) A nice little pointer image replaces the -> text to indicate that a category has a subcategory.

5) When product counts are shown each category is counted only once in the database and the results added to parent categories as needed. The osCommerce category product count function is inefficient when categories are deeply nested since the nested categories being shown are counted multiple times, once for each level down, which slows the server down.

All category information needed by this box for both the category tree and the dropdown is retrieved from the database only once for efficiency.

Install is extremely easy requiring only one file edit. Everything else is just a matter of copying files to the correct position.

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Enhanced Categories Box 2.3.4BS Gold Dj-Viper 15 Jan 2016  

Enhanced Categories Box for 2.3.4 BS Gold

Maybe needs some more work, but it works. Created a template and edited the module.

Module changes :

Added template call.
Changed div class container part to panels etc.

Greetings, Anne

Enhanced Categories Box wdepot 2 Oct 2013  
Enhanced Categories Box wdepot 19 Sep 2013  
Enhanced Categories Box wdepot 12 Sep 2013  
Part fix dsaltmer 24 Sep 2012  
Enhanced Categories Box wdepot 18 Sep 2012