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Round corner boxes
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3

This add-on works in two ways:

1. It adds the "ui-corner-..." css classes to the boxes. These only work for browsers who
support the -moz-border-radius, -webkit-border-radius or border-radius property, including
but not limited to: Mozilla Firefox (version 2.0 onward), Opera (version 10.5 onward),
Safari (version 3.1 onward), Chrome (version 4 onward), Internet Explorer (version 9 onward),
iOS Safari (version 3.2 onward), Opera Mobile (version 11 onward) and Android Browser
(version 2.1 onward).
2. Uses a header tag module that emulates round corners using JavaScript that is included when
the customer's browser is Internet Explorer version 8 and below.

I only take credit for the OsCommerce add-on.
I used Malsup's Jquery corner plugin (
The Jquery plugin was originally written by Dave Methvin (
The Jquery project is now hosted on Github (

Full add-on and instructions included.

- Fedon Dimopoulos

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Round corner boxes 1.1 modem2.0 12 Jun 2012  

Same as before, with a fix in the header tag SQL as it was refering to google analytics instead of the workaround script for IE8 and below.

All credits go to the original authors.

Round corner boxes fedondimopoulos 30 May 2012