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Recover Cart Sales for OSC 2.3.1
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3

Recover Cart Sales V3.0 is based upon the original RCS contribution, Tailored by Mort_Lemur to work on OSC 2.3.1. All credit to the original Authors.

This version takes the "Working" elements of several releases and bundles them into one package.

Recover Cart Sales is a very simple tool which looks at shopping carts left on your site that were abandoned by customers/visitors. The only carts it works with are those where the person visiting your site actually put something in their shopping cart, either already had or created a customer account on the system, and didn't complete the purchase of the cart contents.

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Little Bug fix for PHP 5.3 and Version 2.3.4 17 Dec 2014  

Fix for PHP 5.3, in admin/recover_cart_sales.php in line 96/97

// if ( ereg( "customer_id[^"]*"([0-9]*)"", $ses['value'], $custval ) )
if ( preg_match( "/customer_id[^"]*"([0-9]*)"/", $ses['value'], $custval ) )

Fix for Oscommerce 2.3.4 in admin/stats_recover_cart_sales.php in line

// $rc_cnt = mysql_num_rows($conquery);
$rc_cnt = tep_db_num_rows($conquery);

Not a full package

Bug fix for 2.3.4 13 Aug 2014  
Recover Cart Sales for OSC 2.3.1 V3.1 5 Feb 2012  
Recover Cart Sales for OSC 2.3.1 4 Feb 2012