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Cross Sell for 2.3.1 (X-Sell)
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3

Based on Cross-Sell (XSell) Module v2.6 by bluephoenix and updated by others.

Updated by mort=lemur for use with OSC 2.3.1 All credit to the original authors.

Cross sell enables selection of related products to display on the product info page via an admin screen, potentially boosting your sales.

Screenshots included.

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CrossSell for 2.3.4 joschi 15 Nov 2014  

In 2.3.4 there is no imagefolder in DB and no images_tumbs in configure.
I also made update of code with superglobals.

With the version 2.3.1 I could not see pictures in admin and catalog and had error "no imagefolder in fieldlist".

installation.txt also updated for superglobals.

all credits for original contributors.

This Contribution is only for 2.3.4

Cross Sell for 2.3.1 (X-Sell) Mort-lemur 3 Feb 2012