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Banner Box
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3

This module allows you to add a banner to the left or right column of your store. This can be a credit card image, a Paypal button. or an advertising banner for your products. The banner can be linked to a page in your store.

You can have more than one banner assigned to the box, and have one selected at random every time a visitor loads the page. Banners are controlled by your Banner Manager.

The box header is optional, and can also be linked to a page if it is shown.


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Banner Box 1.2.2 kymation 2 Jul 2013  

I've added an optional version of this box that works in the Header or Footer of an osCommerce store. It can be found in the Extras folder. I've also updated the manual.

This is still a full package.

Banner Box 1.2.1 kymation 18 May 2013  
conflict with Modular Front Page banner rotator mpps 19 Jun 2012  
Banner Box 1.1.1 kymation 5 May 2012  
Banner Box 1.1 kymation 30 Oct 2011  
Banner Box kymation 30 Aug 2011