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OPI: Another OsC Product Image Module
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3

OsCommerce Product Image - OPI Module, is another product image handling with advanced features.

- jQuery & jQuery-UI
- PHP GD library
- Apache ModRewrite (recommended)

- Upload image (Ajax),
- Browse images on server (Ajax),
- Delete images on server (Ajax),
- Create new directory inside image folder (Ajax),
- Admin privileges configurable for: delete image & create new directory
- Thumbnail configurable,
- Watermark configurable,
- Fancy image url (SEO) with Apache ModRewrite (or direct access to PHP image handling for IIS)
- Multi-languages javascript interface

Zaenal a.k.a Parikesit

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OPI: Another OsC Product Image Module Vers. 2.2 raiwa 10 May 2015  

New Feature:
- Added support for osc2.3.4 and 2.3.4BS colorbox/photoset-grid thumbnails with full size pop-up images in product_info.php.
based on the solution posted by @AngusD

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OPI: Another OsC Product Image Module Vers. 2.1 raiwa 1 Feb 2015  
opi_thumbnail.php (tighten-up security) Parikesit 3 Oct 2011  
OPI Version 2.0 (full package) Parikesit 21 Sep 2011  
opi_thumbnail.php (chmod error on linux) Parikesit 3 Sep 2011  
opi_thumbnail.php (bugfix+new feature: watermark) Parikesit 2 Sep 2011  
categories.php - bug when emptying product image Parikesit 20 Aug 2011  
jquery.oscProductImage.js - minor bug Parikesit 20 Aug 2011  
OPI Version 1.1 (full package) Parikesit 19 Aug 2011  
OPI: Another OsC Product Image Module Parikesit 18 Aug 2011