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Products Specifications
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3

This addon allows the addition of an unlimited number of
specifications to the site's products. These can be used for:
1. A table of specifications on the Product Info page.
2. A comparison table showing the specifications of a group of products.
3. A set of filters to allow the customer to show only products that meet
certain criteria. This could be all AGP video cards with 256MB of memory, the
parts for a 1992 Yugo, or anything else you might want to set up.
4. Feeds to search engines and shopping sites needing extra data fields

Specifications are completely generic. They can be configured and used in many
different ways, so they will adapt to nearly any type of business. A complete
instruction manual is included to guide you through the installation and use
of this addon.

This version is designed for osCommerce 2.3.1 and later. If you have a 2.2 series store, use this version:

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Bug reports and suggestions thread:

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Products Specifications 1.1.11 kymation 4 Sep 2011  

Yes, this is two bugfix releases in one day. Sigh.

Still the full package.

Products Specifications 1.1.10 kymation 4 Sep 2011  
Products Specifications 1.1.9 kymation 2 Sep 2011  
Products Specifications 1.1.8 kymation 24 Aug 2011  
Products Specifications 1.1.7 kymation 15 Aug 2011  
Products Specifications 1.1.6 kymation 10 Aug 2011  
Products Specifications 1.1.5 kymation 10 Aug 2011  
Products Specifications 1.1.4 kymation 6 Aug 2011  
Products Specifications 1.1.3 kymation 31 Jul 2011  
Products Specifications kymation 21 Jul 2011