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FedEx - Web Services v9
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

This module is based on FedEx for ZenCart and it's really should work with 2.2 and 2.3.

Just copy all files in your store's folder and obtaian WebServices key, password, account number and meter ID from FedEx.

*If you have discount on shipping, you'll see them8

This module should work with Order Editor contribution as well. No other modifications are required.

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v9.5.1 - NOT Full Package - osC 2.2ms2 rc2a and above 14 Apr 2014  

Version 9.5.1
Works on MS 2.2 RC2a and up (utf8 encoding is back, no point in removing it).
New in this version:
Works for all vendors, based in or out of the USA (ie. international version).
Added: Debugging option, configurable via the admin
Added: Rates currency conversion option.
Added: Shipping/pickup delay option, as many vendors need several days to process orders

BUG Fixed: When there was only 1 shipping option returned in the response, the shipping rate shown was 0.
BUG Fixed: Commented out old CRE code, that was messing the Order Editor's totals
Fixed: RateRequestTypes was hardcoded on "LIST" rates. Now it's using the correct configured option from the admin (LIST or ACCOUNT rates, as you select).

I know that the currency conversion option can be improved, as it needs to be manually modified regularly to match exchange fluctuations, thus if anyone wants to improve this, that would be cool.
If anyone wants to repackage the files into a full package, with clearer instructions etc., please feel free to do so.

This is NOT a full package. It's just the modified fedexwebservices.php and fedex-common.php5 files.
Thus, uninstall the module, backup the 2 files you already have from the previous version, which are on your server, then copy these 2 files to their correct directories and reinstall the module from the admin.
This is required because the new fedexwebservices.php file has new database entries that it needs to insert.

v9.4.6 - Full Package - osC 15 Mar 2014  
v9.4.5 - Full Package - osC 27 Feb 2014  
v9.4.4 - Full Package 24 Jan 2014  
v9.4.3.1 - Module file only 24 Oct 2012  
v9.4.3 - Full Package 21 Oct 2012  
Module fill with address cleanup 10 Jul 2012  
v9.4.2 - Full Package 20 May 2012  
v9.4.1 - Full Package 28 Apr 2012  
v9.3 - Full Package 13 Dec 2011  
V9.2 - Full Package 30 Aug 2011  
Soap Test 8 Jun 2011  
V9.1 - full package 26 May 2011  
FedEx - Web Services v9 23 Apr 2011