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Orders at a glance
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3

When I switched from OSC 2.2 to 2.3.1, I noticed the new admin page right away. It was lovely… AND Customizable! Unfortunately, it presents customers and orders in funny sort orders, usually with the last one touched, first. Now, I could see this being handy in some ways, but I use the status for customer information, and to help organize the shop. So, once an order it "shipped" it's not as relevant as the rest.

That's about when I started missing the little info box on the old admin page. The one that displayed all the order statuses with a clickable link to see only those orders. In short, this is a dashboard module that brings that little info box to the 2.3.1 admin page.

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Orders at a glance 1.1b Chadduck 20 Aug 2014  

********* EXCELLENT ADDON *********

I was just about to create this when I discovered it.

Unfortunately, we use ALOT of temporary statuses, as such we have 29 different statuses. Many are often empty BUT when required their count can quickly increase. If they are empty we obviously do not need to see them.

We simply added a qualifier to the module to only show the status only IF it is not at zero (0) items.

This is a COMPLETE package.

Update, new formatting kortshop 10 Mar 2011  
Orders at a glance Bearclaw 9 Mar 2011