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Quick UK Localisation
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3

Intended for use with a newly installed osCommerce store, either from download or through cpanel, fantastico etc

It will change the installed US currency & tax to UK versions by updating them, so that the sample data still works.

It sets up a tax zone for all Europe.

Doesn't install counties so the field remains free text. Address pages are changed to move postcode above country.

Language files have UK date formats, county instead of state.

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Quick UK Localisation 1.2 JohnAtYM 9 Apr 2011  

Moved currency update to the end of the sql file so that it's easier to untangle when the wrong character set has been used.

(A pound sign is bad news in UTF8)

This is a full package

Quick UK Localisation 1.1 JohnAtYM 15 Feb 2011  
Quick UK Localisation JohnAtYM 14 Feb 2011