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for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3

Order editor for osCommerce 2.3
This is the 2.3 version of ordereditor from 2.2 (

This was tricky to convert to 2.3 since the new 2.3 is changed alot in the admin side. I work with the latest PHP version and there was a few things that needet to be changed for that version to.

The buttons for this contribution is from 2.2 and needs to be recoded, but for now i release this version so others can help to fix it.

I have not been able to try it alot but it looks like it works as good as the 2.2 version.


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german language AlbenShop24 10 Apr 2017  

This package is identical with Order_Editor_for_2.3.4_BS_v1.2.4.1 with two changes:

- I put the files into the standard directory-structure and
- added german language-file

HINT: This addon needs the database-extensions that come with addon 716 (seperate pricing per customer), or it will not work because of missing database-tables and -fields!

Sorry, uploaded wrong .. Denkster 24 Mar 2017  
7844_Order_Editor_for_2.3.4_BS_v1.4 Denkster 24 Mar 2017  
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Order Editor for 2.3.4 BS v1.2.4 PiLLaO 8 Aug 2016  
PHP Fix In search Box mafiouso 4 Aug 2015  
order_editor_for_2.3.4_v1.2.3 xtronics 5 Mar 2015  
Update to the last update kornel76 15 Jan 2015  
Update to this the last version kornel76 16 Apr 2014  
Fix ajax error! quetevendo 30 Jan 2014  
Edit Order Full Package saiSoftIndia 8 Aug 2011  
Only edit_orders.php file saiSoftIndia 7 Aug 2011  
Edit Order Full Package saiSoftIndia 7 Aug 2011  
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order_editor_for2.3_v1.0 iankil 14 Feb 2011