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simple captcha 1.0
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3

This is my first attempt at something for osC

I am not a professional coder so if this turns out to be an example of how not todo captcha for osC then I hope it serves as a good example.

based on GPL code...
* CaptchaSecurityImages.php
* Author: Simon Jarvis
* Requirements: PHP 4/5 with GD and FreeType libraries

it works on my box :) feedback is appreciated

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simple captcha 1.2 10 Feb 2011  

Difference between 1.1 and 1.2 ...
fixed a bunch of typos, oops sorry folks :S
The image routine now returns an encrypted urlencoded text string
Added a couple of routines to includes/functions/validations.php

Note: the code sent from the client is still clear text without
an SSL connection. This just keeps server-side variable encrypted
so that a nosey entity looking at _SESSION data will only see the
encrypted string.

bug: login was good without code if passwd and email were correct
changed the position of the test to fix this.

Included the diff file between stock osC v2.3.1 and this code

simple captcha 1.1 7 Feb 2011  
simple captcha 1.0 6 Feb 2011