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Database Optimizer V 1.0
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

This add-on is register_globals compatible

All osCommerce shops require a MySQL database to function but little attention is given to it. Just ask yourself when was the last time you optimized your database. Unfortunately, this is a big mistake since MySQL is prone to developing problems. Many are fixed as the database runs but many are not and, over time, these grow and can severely effect your shops performance. This addon will automatically tune-up the database (the cron setup is required) and cure many known short-comings of MySQL. Here are some of its features:<ul> <li>Defragment the tables</li>
<li>Optimize the keys</li>
<li>Strip the customers tables of old data</li>
<li>Strip the sessions table of old data</li>
<li>Strip the user tracking table (if present) of old data</li>
<li>Remove old credit card numbers</li></ul>"

The support thread is located here:

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Database Optimizer V 1.6 Jack_mcs 15 Jan 2017  

- Added an option to removed products that are not in the products_to-categories table.
- Added an option to clear the SuperTraker table.
- Added an option to delete orders when customers are deleted.
- Added a checkbox to allow checking all options with one click.

This is a complete package.

The support thread is atL

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