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Extra Product Fields for osCommerce 2.3
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3

Gergely Tóth provided me with a version of Extra Product Fields adapted for the new version 2.3 osCommerce core which I am passing along here. Since I don't use the 2.3 core myself I'm afraid I can't answer any questions about this version of the contribution so you would need to contact Mr. Toth at about any problems with this version. I'm just posting it here since I know others will find it useful.

Since this version will differ from the RC2a version I work on I decided it would be best to post this as a new contribution.

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Extra Product Fields for OSC2.3.4 30 Nov 2014  

After testing of ProductExtraFields (8528) I found this contribution and also tested for 2.3.4
The code is still working.
Made update of description und added some screenshots.
There is also a file included to upgrade from Contribution 8528 to this contribution
The Script for upgrade is from 6856 but still working great.

If you use this contribution it is at your own responsibility.

All credits to original contributors.

I only tested, updated description and contributed 2 folders, newfiles and changed files. If you want to test with a virgin 2.3.4 you can just copy the folders.
Otherwise compare the changes and read the instruction.

Minor Fix 31 May 2012  
Installation Procedure Update1 22 Sep 2011  
Installation Procedure Update 25 Feb 2011  
Extra Product Fields for osCommerce 2.31 v1.1 20 Feb 2011  
Extra Product Fields for osCommerce 2.3 V1.0 3 Feb 2011  
Extra Product Fields for osCommerce 2.3 2 Feb 2011