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FAQDesk for v2.3
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3

FAQDesk is a full FAQ system with many features

Original version can be found at

This is version 2.3 of the FAQDesk system and has been altered to work with OSCommerce v2.3

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FAQDesk_v2.3.4.2 - BS f.figue 8 Dec 2016  

The previous version is not correct, use this one.
Simplified installation


La version anterior no es correcta, utilice esta.
Instalación simplificada

FAQDesk_v2.3.4.1 - BS f.figue 3 Dec 2016  
FAQDesk_v2.3.4 - BS f.figue 1 Dec 2016  
FAQDesk for v2.3.1 Master+German amaische 23 Sep 2016  
FAQDesk v2.3.1 Español briciojp 3 Nov 2013  
FAQDesk for v2.3.1 andyn 12 Jan 2011  
FAQDesk for v2.3 maltek 8 Jan 2011