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Master Products for V2.3x
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3

Master Products for V2.3x is an updated version of Master Products MS2. I have updated the instructions and added the file in this zip(English).

The actual contribution can be downloaded from

This is the placeholder for the 2.3x version

All credit to the original coders. I have only updated the instruction file and added it here

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Master Products for V2.3x V2.2 Tsimi 27 Jan 2015  

- fixed small typo in install manual (special thanks to deibelswemmser from the german forum for pointing it out.)
- added SQL injection fix from Gergely (2013/07/01)
- added a new newshop file package for osC version 2.3.4

All credits to Gergely for the conversion to 2.3.x and to the original coders.

SQL injection fix Gergely 1 Jul 2013  
Master Products for V2.3x V2.1 Gergely 14 Sep 2011  
Master Products for V2.3x pdcelec 6 Jan 2011