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EasyPopulate 2.76i for v2.3.1
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3

Version 2.76i updated to work with osCommerce v2.3.1.

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easy populate 2.9 puddlec 18 Nov 2013  

this version is now compactiable with osc and greater
this version contains the fix by Gergely as posted on the forum
a fix for sppc
and i have added support for QPBP

EasyPopulate 2.8 for v2.3.1 puddlec 8 Feb 2012  
EasyPopulate 2.76i_2 for v2.3.1 HighContrastDesign 8 Jul 2011  
EasyPopulate 2.76i_1 for v2.3.1 Gergely 11 Jan 2011  
EasyPopulate 2.76i for v2.3.1 moxie 4 Jan 2011