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Theme Switcher
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3

This addon provides a simple way of changing themes in your osCommerce store. You can switch to a new theme for the season or to spruce up your store, or just to test out a new look. Just upload your new theme package and then select your new theme in your store's Admin.

Instructions are included for using the ThemeRoller tool to download stock themes and design new ones. It includes a method that allows you to design WYSIWYG on your own store pages.

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Theme Switcher 1.5.2 kymation 15 Jul 2015  

Removed one extra character from the template_top.php in the Bootstrap version. Replace that file if you are using Bootstrap, otherwise carry on.

Still a full package.

Theme Switcher 1.5.1 kymation 16 Jun 2015  
Theme Switcher 1.5 kymation 7 Mar 2015  
Theme Switcher 1.4.4 kymation 24 Jun 2014  
Theme Switcher 1.4.3 kymation 17 Jun 2014  
Theme Switcher 1.4.2 kymation 3 Dec 2012  
Theme Switcher 1.4.1 kymation 28 Aug 2012  
Theme Switcher 1.4.0 kymation 22 Jul 2012  
Theme Switcher 1.3.1 kymation 18 Mar 2012  
Theme Switcher 1.3 kymation 18 Sep 2011  
Theme Switcher 1.2.1 kymation 4 Sep 2011  
Theme Switcher 1.2 kymation 31 Aug 2011  
Theme Switcher 1.1 kymation 21 Jan 2011  
Theme Switcher 1.0.1 kymation 3 Dec 2010  
Theme Switcher kymation 3 Dec 2010