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CKEditor osC 2.3.1
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3

Very good editor wyswyg and more modern than tinyMCE and FCKEditor for osCommerce 2.3.1.

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Editor wyswyg muy bueno y más moderno que tinyMCE y FCKEditor para osCommmerce 2.3.1

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CKEditor Image Upload 2.3.4 mommaroodles 24 Aug 2014  

This package contains the same KC
Finder 2.51 Image Upload package as uploaded by joli811 - 4 Jan 2014.

I have removed the older versions of the CK Editor from the package and included the CK Editor 4.4.4 full version only. As at today, this is the current latest version. If you need the basic or standard version, you will need to download it.

Also included in the package is instructions for an alternative method of applying the CK Editor to textarea fields. This method imho is better than having to edit the jQuery snippet to exclude the editor on certain text area fields as stated by Patty in the package below.

CKEditor Image Upload joli1811 4 Jan 2014  
Default theme compatibility -=Novelli=- 5 May 2013  
Re-edit text deuce23 12 Mar 2011  
Jquery integration- based implementation: correction JohnAtYM 21 Feb 2011  
CKEditor for osC2.3+ scchristie 21 Dec 2010  
change de3 to www. mattyboigc 30 Nov 2010  
CKEditor osC 2.3.1 escri2 28 Nov 2010