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for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

This is Release v3.0 of iOSC - mobile version or OSCommerce for iPhone.
Thanx to Bumbarash at Zaramir for his initial contribution and his great job.
This new version has been fully rewrote in order to have a (almost) full CSS architecture and functional program.
This new version includes MATC contribution, pls install it or remove MATC module in mobile_create_account.php.
See example at

Changes in v3.0
- full CSS support (CSS2 + CSS3)
- new page added : mobile_catalogue.php (contains categories)
- mobile_index.php has been modified to have a homepage i/o categories page directly
- all paths bugs fixed (i think so lol)
- some adds or modifications in configuration file (includes/configure.php)

This is a full package with installation and description files inside.

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MOBILE OSC 6.0 moved 12 Jun 2013  

This package is dicontinued.
It has been integrated in iOSC Mobile Version for OSC 2.3.3.
Support for OsCommerce-2.2rc2a is now included there.
Please download here:

iOSC3 v5.4.rev2 Full Package 12 Apr 2013  
iOSC3 v5.4.rev1 Full Package 9 Apr 2013  
Fix for mobile_reviews 5 Apr 2013  
iOSC3 v5.4. Full Package 31 Mar 2013  
iOSC3 v5.3.rev4 Full Package 25 Mar 2013  
iOSC3 v5.3.rev3 Full Package 14 Jan 2013  
iOSC3 v5.3.rev2 Full Package 10 Jan 2013  
iOSC3 v5.3.rev1 Full Package 7 Jan 2013  
iOSC3 v5.3. Full Package 29 Dec 2012  
iOSC3 v5.1(rev3) Full Package 25 Nov 2012  
iOSC3 v5.1(rev2) Full Package 23 Nov 2012  
iOSC3 v5.1 Full Package 9 Oct 2012  
iOSC3 v5.1 Full Package 3 Oct 2012  
iOSC3 v5.0(rev2) Full Package 3 Sep 2012  
iOSC3 v5.0 Full Package 1 Sep 2012  
iOSC3 v4.1 Full Package 20 Jul 2012  
iOSC3 v4.0 Full Package 19 Jul 2012  
Show subcategories in iosc Product Listing 27 Jun 2012  
Autodetect browsers and redirect to mobile version 4 Aug 2011  
iOSC3 v3.2a Full package 8 Jun 2011  
iOSC3 v3.2a Full package 6 Jun 2011  
iOSC3 v3.1 Full package 2 Jun 2011  
iOSC3 21 Nov 2010