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Blueknow Recommender
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

Module that allows cross-selling in the product template and up-selling in the shopping cart. The module is based on a recommendation service similar to that used by Amazon in their own shop. The basis of recommendations are product purchases and visits by users. They are used to display the most relevant products to the user. It has been demonstrated that Blueknow recommender can increase sales between 10% and 30% and is able to recommend products in 70% of orders made.

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Update 1.0.4 15 Mar 2012  

Bug fixing version.

Change log:

+ [OSCPLUGIN-13] - Change user logged feature : retrieve email instead of user identifier.
+ [OSCPLUGIN-14] - (delayed).
+ [OSCPLUGIN-15] - Modify description in order to send an empty string instead of full description.
+ [OSCPLUGIN-16] - cPath and categories : new strategies to be applied.
+ [OSCPLUGIN-17] - Prices from 1000u. are not tracked correctly.
+ [OSCPLUGIN-18] - Some discontinued events are tracked without ID.

Update 1.0.3 10 Mar 2011  
Update 1.0.2 11 Nov 2010  
Update 1.0.1 10 Nov 2010  
Blueknow Recommender 2 Nov 2010