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Disguise Product Quantity Exceeding Limit
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

My boss thinks, not without reason, that some customers tend to put off a purchase if you show that you have a lot of a product on hand and there is therefore no reason to rush the purchase. The purpose of this contribution, therefore, is to disguise the quantity of a product that is in stock if it exceeds a limit defined in admin under maximum values and hopefully thereby encourage the customer to go ahead and make the purchase.

For instance, if the defined maximum is 12 and the product quantity was 10 then the quantity shown would be "10" but if the product quantity was 20 it would be shown as "More than 12".

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Disguise Product Quantity Exceeding Limit 2 Mar 2011  

Updated the disguise quantity contribution to allow setting a disguise limit for each individual product. We sell some products for which we are more willing to let customers know that we have a large quantity on hand than is the case with other products. New products will load the value setting of the configuration variable as the default maximum to show into an input field added right after product quantity.

Disguise Product Quantity Exceeding Limit 8 Oct 2010