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Superfish Horizontal Category Menu, Jquery and/or CSS
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

Superfish Horizontal Category Topbar Menu, JQuery and/or CSS.

Install a horizontal category CSS drop-down menu in the header. The menu functions exactly as the menu in the categories box, except horizontal.

The menu will function in pure CSS or with smooth JQuery functioning.

Screenshots included.

Links to demos at

Adapted from:

Category Box as Nested Unordered List for EZ(er) CSS & Dynamic menus v


Superfish Jquery Menu plugin

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Update, full package npn2531 22 Oct 2012  

This is the full package. The changes are:
1) includes code in includes/modules/cat_navbar.php for additional links in horizontal bar
2) Proper coding for references to the JQuery file for those using 2.2rc2a and OSC to CSS

adding extra links npn2531 20 Oct 2012  
Update for osc 2.3.1 berthz 24 Jan 2012  
Superfish Horizontal Category Menu, Jquery and/or CSS npn2531 6 Sep 2010