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for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

module: jsonServices
author: Sunny Chow
date: 6/23/2010

The jsonServices module serves to give OSCommerce 2.2 installations a RESTful interface to modify the contents of shopping cart. My hope is then to use this interface as a bridge to use OSCommerce's e-commerce functionality with other CMS's for the actual product display.

Currently this interface is only used to add products to the shopping cart. To demonstrate this behavior, I've included a javascript file that attaches an event handler matching the pattern of OScommerce's product links. This event handler then creates a modal dialog that will allow users to select the particular attributes of a product as well as add the product to the cart. A demo of this functionality can be found here - [ Click on Widget 1 to see the module in action].

In the future, I hope to include in the functionality the ability to display the contents of the chart, modifying the contents of the cart, and perhaps even writing the bridge between Drupal and OSCommerce.

Requests, comments, and suggestions can be submitted to .

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Update skchow 14 Sep 2010  

1. Changed the instructions.
2. Removed extraneous system file.

Bug fixes skchow 14 Sep 2010  
Fix for IE (again) for links skchow 5 Sep 2010  
Update skchow 5 Sep 2010  
Update skchow 5 Sep 2010  
Ajax Cart fix for IE skchow 1 Sep 2010  
Compatible with default installation skchow 30 Aug 2010  
jsonServices skchow 23 Jun 2010