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Price Adjusting Utility
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

This add-on is register_globals compatible

This utility allows you to quickly adjust prices on multiple products at one time. It is automatically compatible with my MSRP contribution. If you are using the MSRP contribution you can use this utility to change the MSRP on multiple items at once. If you are not using MSRP the utility will not display the MSRP options.

Prices can be set to a new specific value or can be adjusted up or down by an exact amount or by a percentage. If using MSRP the new MSRP must be a specific value. Also, if using MSRP you will be given the option of setting the new price as a percent or amount discount from the MSRP. When using either of those options the New MSRP will be used if you are changing the MSRP and the current product MSRP will be used if you are not changing the MSRP.

Reminder: The MSRP contribution is NOT required in order to use this utility.

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Patched for 2.3 20 Apr 2011  

Patched price_adjuster to not break things in 2.3. Install instructions are in rtf format in zip file.

Price Adjusting Utility 1.21 29 Oct 2010  
Price Adjusting Utility v 1.2 28 Jul 2010  
Price Adjusting Utility 12 Mar 2010  
Price Adjusting Utility 12 Mar 2010