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Allow Customer To Select Product Listing Size
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

This add-on is register_globals compatible

A while ago we had a customer ask about being able to change the number of products listed on each page. This simple contribution will allow your customers to do just that. Each of the three types of product listing (new products, products on sale, and the listing used by categories, manufacturers and search) set a session variable which will remember the customers preferred setting for the duration of the session. The values of $_GET variables are saved so a customer can change the size of the listing without having to reenter other information.

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Location of the unique file 30 Mar 2010  

See previous details behind.
As a member ask to me into which folder he should put the "split_page_results.php" file ?
So it is :
catalog > includes > classes > split_page_results.php

I repost the file, some comments inside the code to help you to understand how it work and configure

JUST 1 FILE for this contrib 25 Mar 2010  
Allow Customer To Select Product Listing Size 24 Feb 2010  
Allow Customer To Select Product Listing Size 29 Jan 2010