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Daily Specials
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

This add-on is register_globals compatible

This addon provides a way to announce a quick sale by placing a banner, either an image or text, below the header. It doesn't have any code built-in for creating sales but that can be done with the specials section in admin->Catalog or by installing one of the many coupon related addons. It is compatible with all versions of osCommerce. Images are included to give an idea of what it looks like in use.

The support thread is at:

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Daily Specials V 1.9 Jack_mcs 15 Jun 2014  

- Added code for image specials to allow existing images to be used.
- Added a setting to have a copy of notification email sent to the shop owner.
- Added report section to show results of the sale (not released yet).
- Corrected spelling and grammar mistakes.
- Corrected installation instructions for 2.3 as found by member peterdiv.
- Changed code for the shopping_cart box so Daily Specials enable/disable setting is checked.
- Changed code for jquery includes since it would fail for some installations.
- Changed notification code - removed requirement for the cusomter to have set the newsletter option.
- Changed notification code - only works if at least one product is selected.

This is a full version.

The support thread is at:

Daily Specials V 1.8 Jack_mcs 15 Sep 2013  
Daily Specials V 1.7a Jack_mcs 26 Apr 2013  
Daily Specials V 1.7 Jack_mcs 26 Apr 2013  
Daily Specials V 1.6 Jack_mcs 26 Nov 2012  
Daily Specials V 1.5 Jack_mcs 22 May 2010  
Daily Specials V 1.4 Jack_mcs 3 May 2010  
Daily Specials V 1.3 Jack_mcs 14 Mar 2010  
Daily Specials V 1.2 Jack_mcs 9 Mar 2010  
Daily Specials V 1.1 Jack_mcs 7 Mar 2010  
Daily Specials Jack_mcs 26 Nov 2009