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"Add to Favourites" InfoBox
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

Adds a "Bookmark" InfoBox, which if the person is bookmarking a product page will show your site name & product name in their favourites list.

If they bookmark any other page, it just shows your site name in their favourites list.

It's an IE only deal I'm afraid. Easy to get set up - should take no more than 2 minutes tops.

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add_favourites in header gittida 12 Sep 2010  

Ich habe den Code für add-favourites bei mir in den header eingebunden.

Wer den shop neu installiert hat, kann die Datei einfach in den Ordner


I have only included the code for add-favorites in my header.

Who has installed the new shop, can overwrite the file "header.php" in the folder

catalog / includes /

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