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Events Scheduler
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

This contribution allows the ability to add, delete, and modify upcoming events for the vendor, like shows or conventions.

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Events Scheduler 2.0 4 Aug 2011  

**FULL PACKAGE** from 18 Aug 2010

1. Added Spanish language files.
2. Added the <tr> and <td> tags to lines 47-48 and lines 107-108 in catalog/event_sch.php to prevent the calendar text from appearing above the HEADING_TITLE.
3. Added a cleaned up HTML version of the install instructions.

In catalog/admin/event_sch.php around line 233, I was unable to correct the language icon from showing at the bottom left of the EVENT DESCRIPTION text_area_box. Even though valign="top" is present in the <td> tag the language icon persists in maintaining it's awkward position.

The "Event Date" only shows in English. My workaround was to change three instances of "tep_date_long" to "tep_date_short" in catalog/event_sch.php so that it only displayed a numerical date which is universal.

I had nothing to do with the development of this script. I made some very tiny changes (listed above) and tried to make the instructions easier for the next person installing this wonderful script. That's it.

Events Scheduler 2.0 18 Aug 2010  
Events Scheduler 2.0 14 Aug 2010  
Events Scheduler 9 Nov 2009