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Document Manager
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

This add-on is register_globals compatible

Document Manager allows you to manage free downloadable documents related to your products. These documents are attractive to both customers and search engines. Documents can be listed on separate pages and on the associated product page. The main features can be controlled from the Admin.

Screenshots are provided in the package.

The support thread is at:

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Document Manager 1.0.4 kymation 14 Nov 2009  

This is a bugfix update. Changes have been made to catalog/documents.php to fix a problem with sites running versions of PHP prior to 5.2. Current users should upgrade only if they are having problems.

bug in sql jozinecko 11 Nov 2009  
Document Manager 1.0.3 kymation 23 Oct 2009  
Document Manager 1.0.2 kymation 16 Sep 2009  
Document Manager 1.0.1 kymation 8 Sep 2009