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Countries name/code by ISO 3166-1
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

Official country names used by the ISO 3166/MA

Main changes are:
For "countries_id" in table we use "ISO 3166-1 numeric" value.

We are need to change because sometimes new country/region have new code (we need add new countries for countries_table, what method country_id are correct?) & most contributions prepare zones for shipping method. In contributions use countries_id value. This vaule "ISO 3166-1 numeric" are prepare by ONZ & I belive: will be constans for most of year.

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Countries with continent marcingebus 21 May 2009  

File coutries.ods (Open Office format) with information about continents. It is easy way to prepare own information to fill zones_to_geo_zones table. It is most important if you need prepare new world zones for local shipping method.

Countries name/code by ISO 3166-1 marcingebus 21 May 2009