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2 Steps Simple Checkout
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

What does this contribution do?
This contribution makes the checkout process as easy as 1-2...
it will create and store all customer signup info and select shipping method / payment method all on one page
and then take the customer to a page where they double confirm their order and then they are done!!!

***See included screenshot***

This is my first contribution but it is a really cool one and I think it could modified to be the new standard.
Once your customer has clickes checkout they are directed to this new check out page which simplify's the checkout procedure.
The customers shopping cart is displayed on the top of the page with an easy to remove products / edit quantities

Next(on the same page) the existing customers can click to sign-in if they are an existing customer else
they fill in all of their standard account sign up information shipping and billing information
(Has a checkbox to specify billing same as shipping)

Next on the same page, all of your current shipping modules are displayed on the same page for customer selection
Then on the same page, all of your current payment modules are displayed on the same page for customer selection
Then on the same page, A Comments about your order box is displayed to be submitted with the order.

The customer clicks continue and they are at the original checkout_confirmation.php page to review their order before submitting.

If the customer returns to the checkout page after they are logged in then their info is input automatically.

This is my first contribution and I have tried to make the install steps as simple as possible
You will probably have to change some of the text in the languages/english/ files to adapt to your site.
Support and feedback greatly appreciated!

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2 Steps Simple Checkout v1.1 CybrWzrd7 12 Mar 2009  

v1.0 to v1.1 Changes

Change 1.) Fixed the known error
------ If you return to the checkout page after logging in
and then do not select a billing address before processing your order on checkout_confirmation.php
the checkout_process.php will not work and it will just return you to your shopping cart until you select a billing address.

Change 2.) Changed how when a returning customer is redirected when they click sign in on the checkout page
and logs in on the login page. This change will now take them back to the checkout.php page with all of their
information. other version the login button would take them to index.

Not full package - changes only

2 Steps Simple Checkout CybrWzrd7 6 Mar 2009