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Ajax Search Suggest
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

Ajax Search Suggest for OsCommerce

This small contribution will add a nice pop-out Google Suggest like box to your usual search box of your OsCommerce store. Why should you use our ‘Search suggest’ feature among others?

* Search is performed while customer types in the product using first letters
* The customers typing will be ‘auto-completed’ with symbols of the first founded occurrence
* The first found letter occurrences will be highlighted with bold
* The dropdown pop-out is scrollable but only if search match exceeds the pop-out window
* Key recognition is available, press up, down or ‘enter’ inside the suggest dropdown
* Multi language support
* Works in all modern browsers

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bug fixed with autocomplete 30 Jun 2010  

I have fixed a little bug in the code for:

find arround line 634:

// BOF Search Suggest V2 Marcelon Brazil
// EOF Search Suggest V2 Marcelon Brazil

Change to:

// BOF Search Suggest V2 Marcelon Brazil
// EOF Search Suggest V2 Marcelon Brazil

It looks like Marcelon Brazil changed this, i just don't get why.

This is not a package just the file that needs to be changed (search.php)

Ajax Search Suggest V3 (Ignore case and search anywhere) 11 Dec 2009  
Ajax Search Suggest Enhancement 12 Jun 2009  
Ajax Search Suggest 2 Feb 2009