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Sitemap SEO
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

This add-on is register_globals compatible

This contribution fixes many of the deficiencies of the other sitemap contributions. It has been tested in MS2 and RC2 shops but should run
in any variation of oscommerce. All settings are controlled via admin.
It has the following following features.

- Displays all pages and boxes - no missing links or text
- Displays categories, with or without products
- Displays manufacturers, with or without products
- Links can be sorted
- Links can be excluded
- Links can be set to show for registered customers only
- Sections of links can be sorted
- Sections of links can be excluded
- Sections of links can be set to show for registered customers only
- All links have configurable anchor text
- All links have configurable alternate display names
- All sections of links can be placed anywhere on the sitemap page via admin
- Supports
Articles Manager
Page Manager

The support thread is located at:

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Sitemap SEO V 1.9 Jack_mcs 18 Mar 2012  

- Changed how layout is handled on sitemap.php to allow for better display in some cases.
- Corrected upgrade instructions for 1.7 to 1.8
- Fixed code in modules/sitemap_manufacturers.php that would prevent it from working for all sites.
- Fixed code in modules/sitemap_manufacturers.php so manufacturers are displayed correctly.
- Fixed the show/hide option in sitemap.php.
- Included the missing language file for 2.3 shops
- Replaced category_tree class files with ones from 1.7

This is a full package.

Sitemap SEO V 1.8 Jack_mcs 22 Dec 2011  
Sitemap SEO V 1.7 Jack_mcs 23 Dec 2009  
Sitemap SEO V 1.6 Jack_mcs 23 Dec 2009  
Sitemap SEO V 1.5 Jack_mcs 25 Oct 2009  
Sitemap SEO V 1.4 Jack_mcs 26 Feb 2009  
Sitemap SEO V 1.3 Jack_mcs 8 Jan 2009  
Sitemap SEO V 1.2 Jack_mcs 7 Jan 2009  
Sitemap SEO V 1.1 Jack_mcs 2 Jan 2009  
Sitemap SEO Jack_mcs 31 Dec 2008