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auctionTastic - product auctions for osCommerce
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

This add-on is register_globals compatible

Create multiple product auctions in osCommerce

Originally based on another auction contribution (credits.txt included) this is a total rewrite due to the original having unworkable code. At 27 odd files this is quite a large contribution although changes to core files has been kept to very very little.

Full instructions are included:

Package includes: -

* Auto Installer
* Upload folder (contains all files new to oscommerce)
* Modified files folder (files where we are modifying oscommerce code)
* Documentation folder (install instructions including manual file changes - new code syntax highlighted)


* Multiple auction products
* Products with attributes can be auctioned
* Products can be bought as normal even if auctioned
* Standard product price shown above auction price (including addition of attributes value)
* product info page refresh options in admin
* My Auction view in My Account
* Inform current highest bidders of new bids
* Inform winning bidders at end of auction
* Product added to cart of winning bidder at end of auction (Can't be removed by them)
* Valid HTML (I hope)
* Compatible with PHP4/5 MySQL4/5
* Error free (error_reporting(E_ALL))
* Compatible with .. RC2a, 2.0 Final (lower probably will work but untested)

Feedback and bug reports appreciated as always.

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auctionTastic_1.0_RC_r125 [full package] FWR Media 28 May 2009  

Mainly minor changes and tidying.

Very little auctionTastic code touches core osCommerce files so it should be safe to just overwrite from the uploads directory.

Following this release upgrade details will be provided based on revisions (e.g. r_125).

auctionTastic_1.0_RC1_r122 FWR Media 9 May 2009  
auctionTastic 1.0 Beta2 FWR Media 11 Jan 2009  
auctionTastic - product auctions for osCommerce FWR Media 20 Dec 2008