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Edit any customer address in administration
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

I thought it strange that osCommerce allows the site adminstrator to edit the default address for any customer but does not allow them to edit any other address that customers may have in their address book. This contribution allows you to edit any address for any customer. You may also delete any address EXCEPT the default customer address so if, like us, you have customers that enter duplicate addresses in their address book you can delete the extra addresses.

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Admin edit any customer address v1.3 17 Mar 2010  

Editing the instructions while installing on RC2.2
Included the "Add" address function and "Change primary/default address". Also included mentioned minor bug fix.
Install is in the text file; should be a complete install.

Full package with french 8 Sep 2009  
Bug in v1.2 7 Sep 2009  
set default address 11 Jul 2009  
add more customer addresses 11 Jul 2009  
edit_any_customer_address_v1.2 5 Nov 2008  
Edit any customer address in administration v1.1 1 Nov 2008  
Edit any customer address in administration 22 Oct 2008