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Product Cost/Margins Mod 1.0
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

This modification took about 20 minutes to make and simply adds the ability for osCommerce to record product cost prices with a simple java script reporting feature, similar to how NET price is calculated from Tax and the Gross Price.

Adds flexibilities for more advanced profitability reporting in osCommerce and brings it that one step closer to E.R.P.

Package Includes:
- Easy Install HTML Manual
- Preview Image

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Product Cost / Mark up chrish123 30 Oct 2010  

Fixed a 1136 SQL bug, there was missing code within the installation document.

Product Cost / mark up diy 12 Mar 2010  
Error in code ambishop 28 Feb 2010  
Product Cost/Margins Mod 1.0 osc_devel 21 Sep 2008