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CSS Assistant
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

This add-on is register_globals compatible

This contribution is really a part of a larger project I am working on but I thought you may find it fun so here it is.

[b]What is it/What does it do?[/b]

With one click examine any oscommerce file and see what css styles they are using.

By css styles I mean classes - ids - styles.

After selecting a file you will get a report with (possibly dependent on the file) 3 reports ..

1) Every class and id used by the file is shown and below it the css property values from stylesheet.css

2) Every class or id used in the file that does not have an entry in stylesheet.css is itemised

3) Every style hardcoded into the file is listed with its value like <td style="color: black">

No database queries.


Nothing simpler just drop the file (cssassistant.php) into catalog root and call it directly

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Version 1.1.2 FWR Media 26 Aug 2008  

Integrated CSS Assistant into the admin panel under the Tools box.

Added support for admin files. (not site wide search)

Tidied up the regex for the style="" search.

Simple installation and upgrade.

1.1.0 with File Search Property Finder FWR Media 14 Jun 2008  
CSS Assistant FWR Media 13 Jun 2008