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Tax Exempt
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

A U.S client of mine wanted to install ..

tax_exempt_and_organization_discounts_version-1.5 x contribution

After 4 hours of testing I came to the conclusion that the contribution has tons of errors and is fundamentally unstable.

So I wrote this, including testing this took me about 20 hours. (parts of the above contribution are still used so credit for the original goes to Lee Leahu)

What is it for:

When a customer signs up they can select: -

Tax exempt yes/no

Enter tax exempt id

Choose an organisational type (e.g. school)

Tax exempt clients will not pay tax on checkout, they will also see their tax exempt status and tax exempt id on ..

Checkout confirmation

Account history (historical purchases)


In the admin panel when you view a customer you see all this info and have the opportunity to edit it.

Customers cannot edit this info they would have to contact the site owner (intentional)


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manual installation file NimaP 17 Apr 2008  

I had a lot of sites to do and I didn't want to use winmerge each and every time.

next thing I would like to see in this contribution is having the tax ID number somewhere on the admin/orders.php page.

Tax Exempt FWR Media 31 Mar 2008