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Independent SEO URL Validation (for ULTIMATE SEO URLs)
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

This add-on is register_globals compatible

[ADD ON] Independent SEO URL Validation

### This is not an Ultimate SEO URL package ###

Rather this is an addon to Chemos package requiring Chemos ULTIMATE SEO URLs to be installed.

Tested on:

MS2.2 - RC1 - RC2
Register globals On/Off
PHP4 - PHP5 - MySQL 4/5
Class version 2.1c - 2.1d - 2-2.2e

Development versions copied/pasted from the forums should be replaced with this version

License: Refer to standard osCommerce license.

What does it do?

A problem was identified with all versions of ULTIMATE SEO URLs that can have very negative results on indexing by search engines. ## Correct URL

Can be accessed by ... ## Not so correct

or even just .. ## Not so correct

The results are duplication penalties, sitemaps rejected the list goes on.

Version 2-2.2e attempted to address this but it is buggy and creates problems all of its own. Our recomendation is to use 2.1d (first 2.1d posted by yesudo 25 Nov 2006 ). This to our knowledge is the last version purely developed by Chemo and is very solid (Needs a few tweeks for strict MySQL5 and short_open_tag off).

301 Redirection:
Corrects bad links and 301 redirects to good link. (Good practice as Google will update its index acordingly)

404 Redirection:
404 redirects to index.php if the page no longer exists (e.g. a deleted category or product etc.).

This gives validation to earlier versions of ULTIMATE SEO URLS or replaces the validation function of the buggy 2-2.2e.

Simple installation:

Put a file in catalog root .. run it then delete it. Add one simple mod to application_top.php. Add a function to general.php. Turn it on in admin. Done!

Forum support:

Please do not add packages here or I will cease support.

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Outdated - Use Ultimate Seo Urls 5 FWR Media 22 Jan 2010  

This contribution is now outdated.

You should now be on PHP5 and using Ultimate Seo Urls 5 which has built in validation and much more.



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