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Register Globals Easy
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

Correction of the error:
FATAL ERROR: register_globals is disabled in php.ini, please enable it!
In one way easy;

Modifications made by:

There are several tutorials and contributions on how to run osCommerce with register_globals Off. However, all are very complicated, break compatibility with other contributions such as payments or delivery modules and are not compatible with both PHP4 and PHP5.

We made a very simple MOD, which allows you to run osCommerce on any PHP powered server with disabled Register Globals including PHP4 and PHP5. This MOD also work with register_globals = On, so if your provider changes the configuration of the web server without your knowledge, osCommerce powered shopping cart will remain untouched.

Please read the README.TXT

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Register Globals Off Workaround for PHP4 and PHP5 25 May 2008  

This is first official contribution from original author of this MOD (all previous versions were submitted without my knowledge and do not contain latest corrections).

MOD Author: Jiri Stavinoha from
MOD Description: Allow to run osCommerce 2.2ms2 on web servers with Register Globals Off or On (PHP4 and PHP5 compatible)
MOD osCommerce Community Support:

Support forum 26 Apr 2008  
Register Globals Easy Update 19 Feb 2008  
Register Globals Easy 7 Feb 2008