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Easy Meta tags
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

This is an easy to use automatic meta tags generator for osCommerce MS2.2 .

It has been tested and works on RC1 and MYSql 5 and PHP5.

It should be as easy to install in a default shop install as in a modified or a template shop.

The install consist of 1 file to upload, and just change/replace of 1 line in each of the files where you would like to have meta tags in your shop.

Support and help will only be given in the osCommerce support forum.

Support tread:

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Easy Meta Tags 1.9 toyicebear 3 Oct 2011  

Easy Meta Tags 1.8

Version history:
1.0 - Basis version compatible with easy install standard osCommerce MS2.2, modified osCommerce MS2.2 and most of the purchased template based osCommerce web shops.

1.1. - Still compatible with all mentioned in v1.0 , but now install instructions have been added for shops using the STS Template system v4.

1.2 - Still compatible with all in V1.0 and V1.1 , but now its also compatible with shops using the contribution (2796) Seach Engine Friendly URL.

1.3 - Still compatible with all in v10, v1.1 and v1.2. Now 2 packages included, v1.2 very easy install and no adjustments needed but also a new v1.3 where you set the meta info for the front page individually for each and every language you use.

1.4 - same as 1.3 just with an improved html clean up function for the product meta tags.

1.5 - Now also with dynamically created meta info for product reviews info

1.6 - Now with page numbers for split category pages to prevent search engine duplicate content penalties.

1.7 - PHP5.3 compatibility added

1.7a - Instructions for using Easy Meta Tags with osCommerce 2.3 added

1.8 - Now will also add titles for pages without header title.

1.9 - Both versions updated with a slight PHP 5.3 compatibility fix to remove an E_notice.

Support tread:

Easy Meta Tags 1.8 toyicebear 19 May 2011  
Easy Meta Tags 1.7a toyicebear 5 Dec 2010  
Easy Meta Tags 1.7 toyicebear 17 Sep 2009  
Easy Meta Tags 1.6 toyicebear 10 Mar 2009  
Easy Meta Tags 1.5 toyicebear 22 May 2008  
Easy Meta Tags 1.4 toyicebear 12 Nov 2007  
Easy Meta Tags 1.3 toyicebear 30 Oct 2007  
Easy Meta tags 1.2 toyicebear 28 Oct 2007  
Easy Meta Tags 1.1 toyicebear 27 Oct 2007  
Easy Meta tags toyicebear 27 Oct 2007