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Order Stats In Admin
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

Order Stats In Admin


The goal of this contribution is to have a shop's order's stats/statuses displayed throughout the admin section of a shop.

The installation is very simple, affecting only one file.


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Order Stats In Admin v1.2 PiLLaO 2 Aug 2011  


Reduce queries to one query only.

Previous version makes one query per order stat plus one.

ZEUS__ Fix added.



Reduce las consultas a una sola.

La versión anterior hacía una consulta por cada estado más una consulta inicial.

Añadido parche aportado por ZEUS__

Just a note for dynamic title and orders.php link ZEUS__ 6 Nov 2008  
order stats v1.1 a8le 18 Jun 2008  
Order Stats In Admin a8le 22 Oct 2007