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for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

This add-on is register_globals compatible

Reviews are good for your business; they help customers make buying decisions, and they help search engines find your site.
The trick is getting your customers to review the products that they purchased.

This contribution sends an email to every customer asking them to review the product(s) they bought.
It can be scheduled to run a fixed number of days after the order has been marked completed. The
email that is sent is based on a template, so it is easy to modify to suit your business.

Support in the contribution forum thread here:

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Review Mail v 1.02 tuuk 12 Apr 2008  

Without below fix. This package only sends an e-mail to customers after first purchase and only after the first purchase. Credits go to original author, just changed a few sql statements.


Small fix D3MO 20 Mar 2008  
Add on for Download controller xavkick 20 Feb 2008  
Review Mail v 1.01 kymation 18 Feb 2008  
SQL Update olsonsp4c 17 Oct 2007  
Request a Review kymation 16 Oct 2007