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PDF Customer Invoice v1.0
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

This contribution will add a link to a customer's order history detail page (account_history_info.php). When clicked, this link
will generate a PDF copy invoice for the order.
This contribution is based on PDF Invoice (,3027)
Apart from recoding PDF Invoice to work client side, I have added the following features, configurable from within admin:

1. Font can be chosen - arial, times, courier, helvetica.
2. Colours for the invoice elements can be chosen. Hex values supplied are automatically converted to RGB as needed by FPDF so you can easily
match up your stylesheet.css colours to the invoice colours for a consistent look.
3. An optional watermark (text of your choice e.g. "Copy Invoice") can be added to the invoice.
4. An optional VAT tax reference can be added to the invoice.
5. Choice of displaying generated PDF inline or by forcing a download - set within admin configuration.
6. PDF Metadata (Store owner, Invoice number etc) is automatically added to the PDF.
7. Choice of store logos - png, gif, jpg.
8. Custom footer splash (marketing text) can be added.
9. Store logo size can be easily 'tweaked'.

The invoice will also display product attributes, if applicable (something which is missing from PDF Invoice)

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PDF Customer Invoice 1.6 for 2.3.4 EDGE BlueBunyip 30 Oct 2016  

This is an update to allow the package to work under 2.3.4 EDGE - it should also work with 2.3.4 BS but not tested.

The optional "Add-Ons" have not be tested.


1. Added code to place a button to go directly to the Invoice on account_history.php

2. Added an extra config variable to select the Order Status level that the invoice will be available to the customer at. Previously you had a True/False to have the button appear on "Delivered" only orders or all orders. Now you can specify any Order Status.

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